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S plays with words in the world of advertising but at the same time he experiments with graphite, photography, Photoshop and printing. He develops his own floating/surreal style,  he is searching for something. He takes part in some exhibitions of the Milanese underground scene.  
N creates paintings on walls, practicing what will become her signature flat style in the future. She enjoys working creatively in communication as an Art Director in the advertising world. She refines her aesthetics during her search for perfection. 

A quantum vibration in the depths of the universe causes N and S to meet and a beautiful friendship is born.

November 2007 S’s mystical hands plunge into the floating spirals of a distant nebula from which they extract a Podmork. The first Podmork has a stunted shape and a sweet, vague gaze. Yet, it is those eyes that will dominate S’s dreams that night and call up other Podmorks from the depths of the universe. The breach has been opened and Podmorks will continue to come out of Sergio’s hands forever. 
N sees them and is struck by them. But those Podmorks still have no colour, no soul.
Here begins her essential contribution to Hackatao’s art, the colours and clothes that will give the Podmorks their very identity, that will bring them to life. 
S and N fall in love and Hackatao are born. 
December 2007 15 Little Podmorks are exhibited at the Wannabee Gallery in Milan. 
In 15 minutes they sold out: the invasion began. 

Early 2008 Hackatao were invited by curator Igor Zanti to participate in the NEW ART NEW POP exhibition at Brolo Centro d’Arte in Mogliano Veneto (Catalogue). Hackatao present portraits on resin of the first 5 Podmorks. The process of their creation started with their photography, followed by digital/vector reconstruction and finally printing on PVC and covering with transparent resin. These are in fact Hackatao’s first paintings. More exhibitions and experiments on Podmork and digital printing will come in the following months.
September 2008 DAL NO POP AL NEW POP / SpazioStudio  - Milan  - Curated by
Igor Zanti (Catalogue)
October 2008 SEX TOYS / Wannabee Gallery  - Milan (Catalogue)
November 2008 LITTLE ALIENS DISCOVER PLANET SEX / Betty&Books  - Bologna
ORIGINAL TOYZ / Arte Due  - Milan  - Curated by Francesca Guerisoli (Catalogue)

April - May 2009 TVTB / Galleria Civica di Monza  - Curated by Francesca Guerisoli (Catalogue)
February - March 2009 ELUDENDO / Zaion Gallery  - Biella  - Curated by Igor Zanti 
December 2009 NEW ART NEW POP III / Galleria dell’Ombra  - Brescia  - Curated by Igor Zanti (Catalogue) 

2009 - 2010
and 2011
These were very intense years in Hackatao’s artistic research. The experiments with digital (No Oil no Party) continue and the first interventions on wood and canvas begin, but the two styles surrealist and superflat still do not meet yet. 

July - August 2010 ALTERAZIONI VISIVE / Rocca Aldobrandesca  - Arcidosso (GR)
June 2010 AMSTEL / Federica Ghizzoni Gallery  - Milan  - Curated by Ivan Quaroni (Catalogue)
August 2010 NEW GENERATION Images of the Third Millennium / Vecchia Pescheria D’Este  - Este (PD)
October 2010 BUSTE DIPINTE / Teatro dal Verme  - Milan  - Curated by Luisa Castellini (Catalogue)

Hackatao’s unmistakable style becomes a matrix with the SKULL 1, SKULL 2 and SKULL 3 series, where S’s drawings and N’s superflat painting will coexist, imprinted on canvas for the first time. Meanwhile, the Podmorks are growing in size with the MOLOCH and Depré series presented at Mondo Bizarro Rome. In the same year Hackatao participate for the first time in international exhibitions.
DADAUMPOP / Curated by Igor Zanti (Catalogue)
January 2011 BMB Gallery  - 01/2011  - Mumbai
February 2011 Rabindranath Tagore Centre  - Calcutta 
March 2011 Italian Cultural Centre  - New Delhi 
April 2011 Z-Axis WORKS / Sho BCN  - Barcelona
October 2011 ITALIAN POP SURREALISM / Mondo Bizzarro  - Rome  - Curated by A. Oppenheimer (Catalogue)

Another important turning point for Hackatao is the year 2012, when they leave Milan and move to the mountains of north-eastern Italy. They devote themselves completely to their art without the distractions of the city and pursuing a philosophy of life closely linked to nature. Amongst nature they further explore their own style and that leads to their first solo exhibition of great importance. 
September 2012 DEFORMOGRAPHY / Solo Show  - Allegrini Arte  - Brescia
Curated by Julie Kogler (Catalogue)
It would turn out to be one of the most intense periods of their artistic production, when in just a few months they produced 46 works, including sculptures and canvases, some of large dimensions. 
Despite the success of the exhibition, Hackatao struggle to emerge in the Italian art scene, as their choice to live far from the centre of it was not understood at the time by the art world, their relationships with galleries and curators diminish.
However, collectors continue to support Hackatao and this allows them to pursue their artistic production, which continues to evolve. 
“No hierarchy in life, no hierarchy in art”, writes Marcello Palminteri about them in AreaArte (2013).
Meanwhile, the Podmorks grow in size and move on from their resin nature to that of ceramics. On their canvases, in addition to graphite shading, words and signs appear in more striking shapes thanks to the use of black inks. 

Hackatao create their first animated GIF of the work “I’ve got the Power” for fun and pure experimentation.  
November 2013 EVIDENCE / Solo Show  - Galleria Immagina Città di Castello 
Curated by Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei (Catalogue)
July 2013 DANZA NEL VENTRE / Pinacoteca Città di Castello / Works inspired by the record Jacopo Falchi  

August 2014 KISS & KILL / Solo Show  - Gestalt Gallery Pietrasanta (LU)
July - August 2014 PREMIO REZARTE / Galerie Rosemarie Bassi  - Remagen (GER)
LIGHTS AT THE HILL / Quadrilatero Palazzo Bufalini Città di Castello 

June 2015 IMAGO MUNDI Praestigium Contemporary Artists from Italy - Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin curated by Luca Beatrice (Catalogue)
August 2015 IMAGO MUNDI / Luciano Benetton  - Giorgio Cini Foundation
Curated by Luca Beatrice  - Venice

Hackatao return to Milan with the exhibition:
October - November 2016 WAZHACK / Solo Show  - ArteA Gallery Milan  - Curated by Gianluca Ranzi (Catalogue)
Much of the exhibition’s success is the result of the Hackatao’s communication work on their social networks and the support of their loyal collectors. Hackatao are beginning to question the role of gallery owners, the obsolete dynamics of the art world and its market. 

2017 will be a year of reflection on their role in the Italian art scene, so they refuse collaborations with galleries in search of a more independent approach.
The artistic production focuses on Podmork HOD and on some large canvases that will see the light the following year. 
It will be in the winter of 2018 that Hackatao will come across an article
in “The Sciences”, one of S’s favourite magazines, which speaks extensively
of the blockchain and its practical potential.

The watershed
Hackatao thought it would be perfect for art. So they googled ‘blockchain and art’ and came across Artnome, Jason Bailey’s blog.
They read his articles on crypto art and recognised themselves in them.
They contacted him, in a very pure and simple way, thanking him for opening the door to a new world for them.
He replied immediately and put them in touch with John Crain and Jonathan Perkins of SuperRare, a crypto art platform that was not yet operational at the time.
They liked Hacakatao’s art and animations and when they launched the platform a few days later, Hackatao tokenized their first work: Girl next door, on the 14th of April 2018. XCOPY and Robbie Barrat were there too.
At last, Hackatao could express themselves in all their creative power outside the rusty dynamics of the traditional art world. 
September 2018 Ambassador Umberto Vattani, creator and curator of the Farnesina Collection, invited Hackatao to exhibit in Rome at the Circolo degli Esteri.
This occasion became one of the first opportunities to publicly speak about Cryptoart in Italy. 
FIGHT FEAR / Solo Show Circolo degli Esteri - Rome - Curated by Greta Alberta Tirloni 
January 2018 ETH DENVER, Denver (USA)
In November 2018, on the occasion of their solo exhibition FIGHT FEAR at palazzo Frisacco in Tolmezzo (UD), an entire floor of the museum is dedicated to cryptoart involving the crypto artists of that time, now known as the “OGs”.
FIGHT FEAR is one of the first ever physical exhibitions of cryptoart. 
The works on display are crossed out with a big black X and can only be reached via QRcode from a smartphone, underlining that the real work can be found on the SuperRare and KnownOrigin platforms. 
For the first time Hackatao is introducing Augmented Reality into their works, creating an umbilical cord between the physical works and the digital token. 
May 2019 ETHEREAL SUMMIT / New York: One of Hackatao’s Podmorks
is auctioned during the event by crypto art platform Portion
REAL ART #5 / Museo Spazio Tadini  - Milan 
Hackatao participate in the conference and exhibition on crypto art organised
by KnownOrigin
September 2019 Hackatao meet curator Eleonora Brizi through the interview she curated for MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary and Digital Art) from which an intense and longterm collaboration is born.
November 2019 - February 2020 THE TRUTH IS / ZANINI ARTE  - Solo Show Curated by Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei (Catalogue): The merging of physical works and digital tokens becomes more powerful. Hackatao see this as another opportunity to popularize cryptoart in the physical world. 
December 2019 CADAF Contemporary & Digital Art Fair / Miami (USA)
Hackatao’s prints, in limited editions, are accompanied by an interview curated
by Eleonora Brizi and are exhibited with the MoCDA. Their work “Primenuum” is displayed at the fair. 
In these early years Hackatao actively participate in the construction of the cryptoverse and the NFT space, testing new platforms. They make an immense contribution to the discussion, together with other pioneer crypto artists and collectors, regarding the implementation of royalties (percentage of remuneration) for artists on the secondary market. They also engage in activities to spread the word about crypto art, both on social networks and at physical exhibitions, to promote the importance of the role of curators in the space. 

Artists’ reactions to the pandemic in the crypto space are varied and diverse.
Each of them deals creatively with this historical trauma in a very personal way.
Hackatao create some works dedicated to this historical moment.

February 2020 First Supper / first drop on Async - in collaboration with: Shortcut, Josie, Sparrow, mlibty, Vans, Design, Alotta Money, Twisted Vacancy,Coldie, Hackatao, XCOPY, Matt Kane, Rutger van der Tas, DIGITAL - Metakovan collection
April 2020 CR(Y)PTALY / on the occasion of ETH TURIN: Together with Eleonora Brizi, Hackatao create a tribute to the Italian crypto art scene, creating a virtual exhibition on Cryptovoxels.  
June 2020 What is Pop in 2020? / Group exhibition on the SuperRare platform, Presenting work inspired by the videogame Fortnite
Hackatao are experimenting with DeFi applied to art, releasing their Social Money $MORK, with the aim of nurturing and keeping alive their community of supporters. 
May 2020 First drop on Niftygateway: Sibylla: Yes, No, Maybe / Curated by Eleonora Brizi
June 2020 Podmork goes VR: Hackatao publish their first Podmork HOD in VR 3D version on SuperRare 
October 2020 Renaissance 2.0 2.0, Musei di San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome
Breezy Art Gallery - Curated by Eleonora Brizi (Catalogue)
Hackatao participate in this group exhibition of digital and crypto art between the two lockdowns, in the Roman spaces directed by Lorenzo Zichichi. They showcase their canvases connected to digital tokens via augmented reality and an NFT displayed on the digital canvas Meural. Their body of work is inspired by the post-pandemic renaissance and the new relationship between man and nature. 

February 2021 Queens on Nifty Gateway: A series of significant works that profoundly research the female figure and the role of women in history and in today’s society. 
Mar 2021 Heroines collaboration with artist José Delbo on Makersplace: Hackatao enter Makersplace for the first time, collaborating with Delbo, one of DC Comics’ historic artists. 
March 2021 Imago 2k2 a.C.: becomes the first NFT work registered to the Vastari exhibition platform by crypto-collector Fanny Lakoubay.
Venus of Metaverse / GRAFFITI QUEENS on Makersplace: Virtual group exhibition dedicated to all women in the NFT space.
May 2021 Queen of PUNKS: Project for the Cryptopunks community, Hackatao create of one of the covers of the Punkscomic comic book inspired by The Lost Robbies on SuperRare.
May 2021 H/ID/DEN: HACKATAO + SKYGOLPE / on Nifty Gateway - Curated by Eleonora Brizi and Serena Tabacchi .
The latest drop on Nifty Gateway, a virtual exhibition and tour on the Arium platform. Hackatao collaborate with the artist Skygolpe to create a series of portraits on the theme of the digital subconscious and the redemption of digital and crypto communities in the contemporary art world. 
July 2021 Hack of a Bear / In collaboration with Christie’s - Leonardo da Vinci’s Head of a Bear is Reborn in the Metaverse: Hackatao produce a digital companion artwork to Leonardo da Vinci’s study Head of a Bear on occasion of the historic Old Master piece going on auction on the 8th of July, at Christie’s London. https://hackatao.com/hack-of-a-bear
A virtual exhibition running parallel to the Christie’s Exceptional Sale auction at M○C△ on the Arium platform, curated by Eleonora Brizi, opens on the 7th of July.
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