H A C K   T H E   B O R D E R S

NFT will be released on August 6, 2021
Legendary New York rock band Blondie and crypto art pioneer duo
Hackatao announce their collaboration and the release of the first in a series of
animated digital artwork, “Hack the Borders,” on August 6th at 6:30 pm ET - click
here for a preview teaser
. This unique artistic partnership connects the two very
different art scenes from which their creators have hailed - it is a present day
manifestation of the punk rock movement, fittingly in the form of crypto art.

Released through the digital art online auction platform Nifty Gateway “Hack the
Borders” nods to one of the greatest art pioneers of all time, Andy Warhol. Blondie
frontwoman Debbie Harry and her friend Warhol created an everlasting cultural moment
with the Commodore Amiga in 1985, as Debbie became the subject of his very first
digital portrait, an image that is just as significant today as it was then. 36 years later,
Hackatao and Blondie have joined forces to create their own one-of-a-kind artwork,
which will drop on what would be Warhol’s 93rd birthday on August 6th; coincidentally
S from Hackatao’s day of birth as well.

“Hack the Borders” itself symbolizes a true act, from both Hackatao and Blondie, of
hacking all borders and boundaries, and ultimately the limits of narrow-mindedness.
And like Warhol’s iconic image of Debbie Harry, Hackatao’s digital artwork showcases
Debbie’s legacy with pop-art colors, albeit with their own signature style, covered in
drawings that often represent our inner demons and most hidden voices.
This collaborative creation will be made available in multiple editions, with each
featuring musical accompaniment by Chris Stein, and a poem, written and spoken by
Debbie Harry.

“I heard of Hackatao early on when the NFT phenomena went mainstream. Andy, who
embraced modern technology, would certainly have been minting Warhol NFT's. 

I am attracted to the lack of gatekeeping that thus far is a significant factor in all this.”Chris Stein.
“Techno expansion and discovery has always fascinated me as did Andy. I love the idea
of honoring his memory on his birthday this year with our collaboration with Hackatao.”
 Debbie Harry​​​​​​​
“We like to think of our art as something timeless and universal, much like Blondie's music and iconic legacy. Doing a project with Blondie is not just a collaboration with a band, it is a collaboration with the history of music and art.
Andy Warhol has similarly been an artistic inspiration to us for his use of colors and
trademark way of making art accessible for everyone. For Hack the Borders, we chose
to release the project on August 6, which is not only the birthday of Andy, but also of S.
of Hackatao. We felt it was a perfect way to pay homage to his genius, and connect us
further to the project.”
Eleonora Brizi, Digital and Crypto Art Curator expands on the concept:
“Curating a project like Hack the Borders is an honour, first of all, due to the creative forces involved. But even more than that, was the constant discovery of how such two different art worlds, eras, manifestations of creativity can be so connected.
We tried to go at the essence of Blondie’s art, beyond the icon, straight to the core of the spirit.
Is that spirit still alive today? What were they doing at the time through their music and creativity and what are we doing today specifically through Hackatao’s art and more generally in the crypto art space? The answer was: they were, they still are
and we are hacking the borders.”

The NFT will be released on August 6, 2021. Visit Nifty Gateway’s website for updates
and buying information. Nifty Gateway is committed to being a carbon negative
platform; click here for more information on how they are accomplishing this.
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A b o u t   B l o n d i e
Undeniably one of the most trailblazing and influential bands of our time, Blondie is
pioneering frontwoman/songwriter Debbie Harry, guitarist/conceptual mastermind Chris
Stein and powerhouse drummer Clem Burke, along with now long standing band mates
bassist Leigh Foxx, guitarist Tommy Kessler and keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen.

Among their hits is the groundbreaking rock-disco hybrid “Heart of Glass” the equally
influential hip-hop fantasia “Rapture” the stalker-love song “One Way Or Another” and
the lilting calypso “The Tide Is High.” It’s a thrilling journey back to when Blondie pushed
punk onto the dance floor and introduced a wider audience to hip-hop sounds, all the
while building a catalogue of enduring hits along the way.

For the last four decades, Blondie has become and still remains a true global icon; one
whose influence both shaped and continues to inform the worlds of music, fashion and
art. From an irreverent Lower East Side punk outfit to bona fide international
ambassadors of New York cool, Blondie will forever be synonymous with that punk spirit
that lives somewhere in all of us. Their chart-topping success, fearless spirit and rare
longevity led to an induction into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 and more than
40 million albums sold worldwide to date. As we look back at the band’s storied career,
it makes Blondie’s current vibrancy that much more stunning after 40 years of
entertaining all of us.

And the band shows no signs of slowing down - Blondie’s latest release BLONDIE:
VIVIR EN LA HABANA (Limited edition blue vinyl) is out now:
https://blondie.lnk.to/vivrenlahabanaPR. The new soundtrack comes from the short film
capturing the band’s 2019 live debut performance in Havana, Cuba. The film already
has growing recognition from the industry with a string of film festival premieres around
the world, including its UK premiere at the Sheffield Doc/Fest and US premiere at the
Tribeca Festival last month. Up next is their UK Tour with Garbage which takes place
this November, dates include The O2 in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester,
Hull, Nottingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds.

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A b o u t   H a c k a t a o
Hackatao first became known for their shaped “Podmorks”. These little totemic
creatures, sculpted in ceramics and decorated with drawings and acrylic, literally are the
signed Hackatao book of Genesis.

They’ve since embraced the crypto art movement and the idea that the artistic and
social potential of the space could be exponential - in 2018 Hackatao were amongst the
few who firmly believe in the future power of crypto art, never leaving and never quitting,
against all odds. With their first NFT “Girl Next door” - an animated GIF tokenized on
SuperRare - they made their entrance with a triumphant “fuck you”, dedicated to the
rusty part of the traditional art world, as well as to the paralyzed structures and systems
that keep slowing down progress and improvement.

Their contribution to the space became increasingly consistent and pushed the
boundaries of the use of technology in art. The creation of their art pieces would start
including more and more actors, they would commission music for their animations and
ask for different expertise to be part of their artistic projects, as well as push the role of
the art curators in the space, almost creating a sustainable model within the model, in a
time when the crypto art movement is - yes - thriving, but somehow still “inconvenient”
for the big majority.

Their art quickly becomes a cult in the community, until today, when in 2021 crypto art is
in the spotlight and when that innovative spirit that has always characterized them and
prevented them from giving up is finally proven right. As “Original Gangsters” and
aware of the fact that this is just the “tip of the iceberg” of what could be experimented
with creativity and blockchain, Hackatao continue to walk their own way, while never
stopping looking forward and never looking back. As they always did and forever will do,
for “the only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus).
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