H A C K   T H E   T A O
Hackatao restore balance to the
crypto realm
The Sandbox game

What is it that we all look for when taking on a new game for the first time? Storytelling, Gameplay, Artistic world building, Philosophy and so much more… 
‘Hack the Tao’ is one that aims to stimulate you on every level.

Before we dive deeper into the game, it is important to understand who the creator is. 
Hackatao: comes from the word “hacker” in its original meaning: “a person who faces intellectual challenges in order to avoid or to overcome the limits imposed on every aspect of his life by someone or something, in a creative way”; and the concept of “Tao”, that indicates the balance of chaos and order, meant as a living Whole in endless becoming. Keep these ideas in mind as you read on…

The story is one that has been told throughout humanity’s history, now it is being reimagined in the world of Web3 gaming. When entering Hack Land you will embody the hero - Lady Hack - and your task is to evolve as you encounter the blockades that permeate a centralised world. 
Each character in the game, whether friend or foe, pays homage to Hackatao’s artistic journey.
You will meet artworks that have come to life, ancient artists and evils as well as current day enemies of sovereignty. 
The Luminary Protagonist, the embodiment of those that seek to restore balance to the world of Crypto Art. Like any hero, she will have to evolve as she traverses the realms, becoming stronger and more adept along the way.
Become Lady Hack and HACK the TAO!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The tender guardians and wise sages of Hack Land. They hold the key to navigating the whimsical corridors of Hackatao’s subconscious.
Some will guide your quest and others will be a vital lifeline to you as you fight for the Web3 world.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Keeper of the underworld, a dangerous foe whose spirit resides in us all.
They say that once his call is echoed, it can no longer be ignored - The secret to defeating this enemy is to win the inner battle. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Narcissist incarnate, she is consumed by the obsession of self glorification and as such ignores the self acceptance needed to be a fair and honest sovereign thinker. She has overthrown a prominent ruler in Hack Land.
The modern dilemma in art form, she is a legion, beware.
​​​​​​The levels reflect the phases of Lady Hack’s philosophical journey and transformation. 
You will begin in the Icy tundra - A metaphor for being thrown into the dangerous world with no protection. 
When you make your way out of the ice after collecting the Tao, you will be thrusted into a realm dominated by the minotaur, priests and spiders. 
As you proceed you will descend into the underworld where you will have to battle Cthulthu and your dark self in order to immunise yourself against your own poisonous tendencies. 
To end it off, you take on Centralisation at its peak, symbolised by taking on the epitome of those forces.
Deep inside you lies everything needed to emerge victorious, you simply need to bring it out. Along the way, we hope that you evolve and ponder life’s mysteries, are you ready to HACK the TAO? 
For media inquiries, please contact: project@hackatao.com
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