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“Wandering in the Cryptoverse, hacking virtual worlds of unseen finalities” Hackatao
The community is a thinking collective.
Each of us, in our own way, reflects the collective intelligence of the community. 
$MORKs are the fluid that helps the connection between community participants with common interests to create beauty and share it. 
The fellowship
of the $MORK

$MORKs are the medium to share the value of Hackatao art with the community that accompanies and supports us in this wonderful journey of Art. 
In the cryptoart space, community is everything. Although the actions of its people aren't often rewarded as much as deserved, the advantages seem to be shared between a few players who just continue to increase in popularity.
In this way, what the community gets in the end is just a vague aspirational breeze.
$MORKs are a tool for sharing, with an economic value that remunerates the individuals who act in the community and create a micro-economy around Hackatao’s art.
$MORKs work as a development and a strengthening force for the collective intelligence of this community.
How? By creating an environment where the confrontation happens between equals and recognizing the diversity of the different activities.
$MORK Tokenomics

There will only ever be 10,000,000 $MORKs created. 
12% of the total supply has been reserved for project initiation purposes and the remaining $MORKs will be distributed to participants in the #Hackatao Community as well as collectors of Hackatao art pieces.
The ERC20 contract for $MORK can be found here:
$MORKs can be acquired via 2 methods:
- Through airdrops in the #Hackatao Community Discord channel
2 - $MORK can also be acquired through direct purchase on Uniswap at the following address:​​​​​​​
4 Each month $MORKs gets distributed proportionately for anyone who provides upwards of 1000$ in the liquidity pool. The amount distributed will change according to the number of LP participants up to 5000 $MORKs.
5 - Every 6 months a $MORK air launch will be made automatically to all owners of Hackatao artworks
$MORK Value Proposition

$MORK’s primary value manifests in two possibilities :
1 - Unprecedented access to Hackatao and the #Hackatao Community
2 - Exclusive access to Hackatao’s art pieces only for sale in $MORKs

By holding 500 $MORK (+50 $MORK every month) in a cryptowallet, one can gain access to the exclusive Hackatao Discord channel that will unlock a variety of #Hackatao Community benefits:

- Exclusive discussions about Hackatao’s art. 
- Live updates about Hackatao’s ongoing projects and the release of new pieces.
- Early access to drafts and concepts of new art pieces in development.
- Professional discussions on topics like Art, Crypto and NFTs.
- Participation in innovative and pioneering projects that the Hackatao duo are involved in.
- Fun events such as “Guess the Artist” to become more acquainted with cryptoart.
- Professional study and analysis of the cryptoart market
- Preferential consideration for collaboration with Hackatao.
- Access to presenting and discussing new projects with Hackatao
10 - Advice from Hackatao on artistic topics or social strategies for your art.

In addition to the above, members of the #Hackatao channel will also be eligible for periodic airdrops of $MORK.

Hackatao is also committed to providing $MORK holders with a tangible current and future value of $MORK and will accomplish this through the release of only for sale for $MORK exclusive Hackatao art pieces (more details in $Mork Artwork). 
The #Hackatao
The #Hackatao channel is the space where the community manifests its collective intelligence and takes action.
It is a sustainable microcosm where its inhabitants exist in an atmosphere of participation and sharing. 
While we would like for the community to be open to everyone, we think that communities that are often too extended and trend towards centralization, leading to the “flattening” of the personality of each individual. This creates distance and homologation with dynamics that lead to verticalization.

The #Hackatao Community aims to maintain its decentralization and fluidity in order for each participant to feel equal, while allowing for true expertise and mutual compatibility to emerge. 

In order to achieve the above goal, the #Hackatao Community is an ”invisible” channel on the $WHALE Discord server ( that can only be accessed with some effort and commitment.

- Accumulate 500 $MORKs (for the 1st month following the release of the Whitepaper) or the required amount of $MORK, through the acquisition of Hackatao artworks, $MORK drops or Uniswap.
- Enter the mork-cafe channel (in
execute the command !Join to access the Hackatao channel

Upon completion of the above two steps, you will receive immediate access to the #Hackatao Community channel.
The required $MORK holdings to have continued access to the #Hackatao Community will increase at a rate of 50 $MORK per month.
​​​​​​​Through ample positive participation in the #Hackatao Community, members will also receive both airdrops and personal transfers of $MORK from Hackatao.
A secondary and final method to gain access to the #Hackatao Community channel is through the $WHALE Whales program from the $WHALE Community.
$MORK Artwork
The other equally important part of the value equation of $MORK will be supported by the release of Hackatao’s art pieces that are purchasable primarily in $MORK and secondarily in $WHALE, therefore also creating a greater synergy between the Hackatao and $WHALE communities.

The Hackatao duo will release a 1/1 artwork every month, tokenized on OpenSea that will only be available to $MORK holders. The value of this artwork will vary between 5,000 to 15,000 $.

In addition to this, the Hackatao duo will also periodically release limited edition artworks that will be purchasable through $MORKS or $WHALE.
The $MORK - ETH price will determine the price of each artwork drop.
The Future of $MORK
and Closing Comments
The long term sustainability of $MORK is of utmost importance to Hackatao and through a continued effort of creation and contribution, a legacy that exceeds lifetimes will be developed:

For each work sold in ETH, Hackatao will contribute 5% of the sales proceeds and the matching amount of $MORK to the $MORK Uniswap Liquidity Pool to support permanent price stability.

Over the lifetime of Hackatao, additional artworks will also be periodically added to a $MORK Vault, which will ensure that the availability of artwork exclusively available for $MORK will be constant and long term.
Hackatao have always conceived their art as a timeless universal good, a vehicle for stories of this time to keep existing until future times. 

To support $MORK price stability Hackatao will be contribute in the $MORK Uniswap liquidity pool for:

a. 5% each work sold in ETH.

b. Special projects specifically designed to add 50% of the income in eth to the Liquidity Pool.  

The value of the $MORKs is sustained by Hackatao’s art, its artistic quotation and the participating community. The goal is to constantly increase their value in time, in the Cryptoverse and in the system of traditional art.

The value of Hackatao’s art is not synonymous with the price of $MORK, but rather, $MORK acts as an additional tool to synergize, energize and harmonize the Hackatao collecting community.
Some interesting insights into the dynamics between an artist, their work and a Social Currency can be found here:

The #Hackatao Community is a world where the old debate about the social function of the currency versus its role as a measurement of the value and as a tool of exchange gets solved in the creation of this “tool” for economic sustainability based on participation. 
“Freedom doesn’t mean to be on a tree, freedom is participation”.
Sources and other information

More info DM us: 
Telegram: @Hackatao
Discord: Hackatao#6851

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